Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to beat Kingdom Rush: Frontiers

So if you own an iPhone or iPad, immediately close this blog and go buy Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. It's the sequel to what I consider to be the best Tower Defense game ever. It has many levels of complexity, the art if beautiful, and there is tremendous replay value. The first one was fairly hard, but I found the new one to be fairly easy. I don't care very much about achievements, I just want to beat the game.
And I did pretty fast. Here's how:

1. Don't waste money buying heroes - The free ones of Alric, Mirage and Cronan are fine. The definitely increase with value as you earn new ones, so stick with Mirage when you get her, and then Cronan for the rest of the game.

2. Learn when to run - While it's not a big deal if your hero dies (they respawn in 30 seconds), sometimes pulling them away from battle for a few seconds will let the regain their heal and use distance attacks. Cronan can resummon dead boars, or launch a stampede if he's got breathing room.

3. Assassins and Knights Templar are equal - I found the advanced barracks to have roughly equal value. The Assassins can deal some damage, but don't get hung up on their robbing skill - it's only a single gold piece. And the knights are basically just defense.

4. Best deal ever: Maxed out artillery - The high level artillery are so valuable, I try and get them out as quickly as possible. The Battle Mecha is not only cool, but provides great air cover. But it has a single significant weakness- it's useless against big enemies. So the Dwarve's Core Drill is essential at the higher levels to take out the Saurian Brutes and Gorillons. So use both as you get at the higher levels.

5. Pass on the archers - At the higher levels, the archer towers, even the advanced ones, don't offer much. Yes, the Tribal Axethrowers are good to debuff the many witchdoctors, but they just don't hit hard enough. The archer towers are good at some lower levels to kill bees and birds, at least until you unlock the mage towers. Speaking of which:

6. Necromancer tower rocks - First, it looks great. Second, raising oodles of skeletons is great defense. And third, the Death Rider is great, and the pestilence is all right. The Archmage tower is great too for firepower, but I always get some Necromancers up first.

7. To beat the final boss - Umbra is pretty easy - I KO'd him on the first encounter. To get past his awful tower zapping ability, throw out a bunch of first-level barracks (the cheapest tower). He randomly kills a tower, so by adding useless ones ideally he'll target them and not your good towers. Having at least 2 of each artillery on the center corridors is critical.

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