Sunday, June 2, 2013

Good news! Americans aren't the worst travelers

Most stereotypes have a grain of truth in them. Americans are not always the best travelers. We come in wearing fanny packs, loud clothing and never bother to learn the language. We complain about everything and go straight to the McDonalds or similar western fare. I have witnessed this.
However, I am pleased to announce that we have company and, quite possibly, have even surpassed when it comes to boorish behavior:
  • A huge troupe of amazingly loud Indians who close the elevator door on you if the think the elevator is too full (it wasn't)
  • Two Japanese women who hand their dirty dishes to a waiter while he is taking our order
  • Two Japanese families who have a loud pow-wow in the hallway at 7 am about what they are doing that day, with their doors wide open
  • An Indian man who bumps me out of the way when I am talking to the concierge and starts his own conversation as if I hadn't been speaking
And we did see a huge group of Americans eating by the McDonalds at Narita airport when we were leaving, we ate there too. There's only so much sushi and noodles you can eat. Really.

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