Sunday, April 21, 2013

I heart (the idea) of Fan Fiction

Creative people (at least nerdy ones like myself) love to think about what could happen:
  • What if Harry Potter hung up his wand and became an accountant?
  • What if Tintin and Sherlock Holmes teamed up?
  • (Warning: Game of Thrones Spoiler) What if Eddard "Ned" Stark lived?
  • What if Hellboy actually brought about the apocalypse?
  • What if Superman ACTUALLY fought the Hulk? (answer: Because Superman can move at the speed of light, he pulverizes the Hulk via 1,000,000 punches in less than a second)
But no matter how great our ideas may be, the various franchises will never work together or shell out enough money to make these dreams a reality. And so the seemingly brilliant thoughts remain in our head, or forgotten.

Enter Fan Fiction. It combines the endless creativity of the internet with... the varying quality of the internet. It's a growing subculture. Fan Fiction gets a shout out in They Might Be Giants new song "He's Loco." Some truly terrible stories become memes. And the Vampire Diary's cast even read some of their favorites on tape.

One of the leading sites I've found out about recently is Some creative entries include a story about Calvin and Hobbes' Spaceman Spiff, new plots for the play Wicked, or even alternative paths for the 1990's classic video game character Parappa the Rapper. Check it out and read a few. Just beware: Given the collective sick mind of humanity, some of even the most beloved characters are occasionally put into...  adult situations (ewww).

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