Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gotta be the future

TV and movies have done a good job of creating passable (or even great) versions of fantastic fictional environments. You've got Lord of the Rings world, Oz, Pandora, the Marvel and DC universes, and lots more. Period movies have been great for a while, from the "Ten Commandments," "Cleopatra," "Pride and Prejudice," etc.

But there's one gaping hole: the far future. And I don't mean flying cars. And "Planet of the Apes" doesn't count. I mean the FAR future, thousands or millions of years, where humanity has fundamentally changed to the point where we are hardly recognizable. Much farther ahead than "Terminator 2" (or 3), 2001, "The Fifth Element" or "Star Trek / Wars."

The end of "AI" is more like what I'm talking about. In Sandman a character goes so far in the future that humans are eight feet tall, transparent, and fueled entirely by photosynthesis. Some science fiction stories I've read have genetically enhanced humans with regenerative powers who can leap from orbit and survive by eating stone. Another had these things called "cornucopia machines" that can basically create matter. Or living bioships that are artificially intelligent. Or a time when people can upload their intelligences into computers, and copy themselves endlessly.

Yes, I know it would be prohibitively expensive to film things like this. But a guy can dream...

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