Saturday, November 3, 2012

Most appropriately named diner

Last night we met a friend at the Omega Restaurant in Schaumburg, Illinois. It reminded me of my beloved Gregg's in Rhode Island - diner-ish chain restaurant with multi-generational patrons. It was delightful - we arrived at 6 and it was full of senior citizen finishing their late dinners. The bread basket was the size of a huge Easter basket. And the up-charge to add onion rings to my dinner was 75 cents.

The clientele was in their 70s and up (as was our kindly waitress). And here's where the name comes in. "Omega" is the last letter in the Greek alphabet, and traditionally means "the end." So a restaurant full of elderly folk is called "The End?"

Couldn't be. Must be a coincidence. So I asked the hostess what was going on with the name, and she said that it was indeed named after the Greek letter. "It means that this is the end of your journey to find a great restaurant," she said.

I guess this place could indeed be the end of your culinary journey - in more ways than one.

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shesthesheriff said...

I know I only comment once in a thousand generations, but you should really keep this blog rocking. Maybe follow up on some old stories such as 'The Pizza I Just Ate'. Keep Dominos on their toes and make sure their online delivery service still meets with your approval now that the idea is not so novel. See if you can do a 'ride along' with a dominos delivery driver.