Friday, August 10, 2012

Your grandma sucks in the kitchen

OK, maybe she doesn't, it's a distinct possibility. But you wouldn't it from watching cooking shows - every good meal is compared to "almost good as my grandmother used to make." Or occasionally better, if the person is really blown away.

We have a veneration for age in very few areas in the U.S., but food is definitely one of them. We assume if a recipe is from someone's great, great, great-grandmother in the old country, then it's GOT to be good.

I'm calling B.S. on this entire theory. Cooking is a skill - some people have got it, and some people don't. Even if almost all women cooked daily in the 1950's and before doesn't mean what they cooked was actually good. That's why we have restaurants, right? My mom is an amazing cook, but my grandmother (on my dad's side) - not so much. Her more memorable dish was a drinkable jello (Sorry, bubbie).

So I don't care if a recipe came from the Great Depression, or was invented two years by an aspiring young chef. Good food is good food, and the only way to know is to taste. Save the marketing for someone else.

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