Friday, August 12, 2011

Is being anti-smoker's rights mean that you're a bigot?

I have some friends who smoke, and some relatives who smoke. I would NEVER tell them that they can't smoke around me. I'll just go somewhere else. But when it comes to smoke entering my personal environment - like my apartment - I sing a very different tune.
So I was surprised when I put this question up on Facebook that my social circle did NOT have my back - and all these people were non-smokers. They said that smokers had the right to smoke, and they should be able to smoke in their apartment, even if it permeates into my non-smoking apartment.
Dianna made the analogy that smoking is a lifestyle, and I shouldn't be able to infringe on the lifestyles of my fellow tenants. She compared it to owning a dog. If I owned a dog, and the apartment suddenly went dog-free, would I be upset. Well, yes, of course I'd be upset. And of course the smokers are upset. Whenever someone infringes on your lifestyle you get upset.
My point is just that I don't feel I should have to smell smoke in my apartment, and other's opinions be damned. But Dianna's argument does have me thinking...

Monday, August 8, 2011

When comics get too intellectual

Cerebus the Aardvark is a comic about a "warrior Pig born" who goes from mercenary to political head to pontiff. It's one of the "smart" comics out there that requires a knowledge of history, mythology and other areas of knowledge to appreciate. It's a heady wine - not on too many people's shelves. It's extremely well made.

But as it descends into the extremely elaborate worlds of political intrigue, discussing everything from payroll to electioneering to city debt to redistricting, it eventually devolves into JUST A LOT OF DIALOGUE.

Like, around issue 60, it'll have the same picture for a page or more with just people speaking. And then numerous more pages of people speaking. Issues and issues of conversation. And then pages of people writing. Or pages from newspapers.

The magic of the art form that is comics is blending words AND pictures, preferably pictures that are describing something.
There's too much fucking dialogue in Cerebus. There, I said it.