Friday, June 24, 2011

I finally get the NRA

It took this article about how U.S. guns are flooding into Mexico and arming the drug cartels to make me finally understand what the NRA is all about.

It actually has nothing to do with the 2nd amendment. Or with state's rights. Or the Constitution or any of that. It just has to do with money.

One of the few manufacturing sectors left in the U.S. is guns. We make some of the finest guns in the world, and we expert our weapons to anyone with cash. We also know that guns are very attractive to criminal organizations with lots of money, so loose laws enables them to sell more guns. Using the 2nd amendment as a rallying point for right-wing revolutionaries enables them to sell more guns. The gun companies give money to the NRA, which lobbies congress for weaker gun laws, which enables them to sell more guns, make more money.... and the cycle continues.


shesthesheriff said...

that picture is F'n hilarious.

Jonathan Rubin said...

It's the one where Moe turns one gun into five guns :)