Sunday, June 12, 2011

Failure admitted

Switching routines is tough. Switching blogs is tough too. Familiarity, even with mediocrity - well, there's something to be said for that.
I tried to switch to Tumblr, and then to Wordpress, and I lost my mojo / rhythms. I have returned reluctantly home with my tail between my legs.
Writing blogs in 2011 is tough, because there's basically so much content out there. Compare nowadays to the 1980's and before, when seeing your name next to something you wrote was a huge accomplishment that 99% of the population never saw. Now, everyone is a publisher. The bar has been set so very low, that quality is no longer synonymous with publishing, is no longer assumed to exist on the net at all. There's a wading that's requiring - a sifting through the bad and, rarely, the good.
This post can be counted as among the more pedestrian blog posts out there. By using the word pedestrian, however, I can convince myself that it's of higher quality than it actually is.


Pam said...

Welcome back.

shesthesheriff said...

Yah, I remember in 1992 when my name was on a CD for the first time. Even though they were all given out for free and my dad actualy PAID 450 dollars for me to be on it, I felt much cooler than everyone I knew.

Admit it you went to those blogs to escape my unrelenting negative comments.

Dianna said...

Rubin on Wry returns! Wise move. :)

shesthesheriff said...

Thats right, I called you a punk. now watteerrryooo gon do boutit

Scott W. Lehmann said...

Ok, I just found your blog, it got my attention, I think I will read through it. Everyone must admit failure at sometime, you can't always blame everyone else. But let this be your last for a while.

I found your blog by clicking on the "Next Blog" in your nav bar. handy tool that is.