Saturday, May 7, 2011

How an iPhone can completely transform your life (whether you like it or not)

My friend Geo nailed me recently when I was talking about not being too materialistic and he said, "Dude, you have an iPhone!"

OK, fair enough. But I think it's worth discussing what having a good smartphone can do to you. It's a powerful shift in your life, like getting a car in some ways. It gives you almost unlimited freedom to information, and the Apple knife cuts both ways:

Pro: You are never alone. You can contact people in multiple ways at anytime, even from the subway or other inconvenient places.
Con: You are never alone. You are able to access your friends whenever you want, so you risk becoming that annoying person who whips out their phone while talking to you because they are bored / distracted. I've been trying real hard not to become this person.

Pro: You can entertain yourself at any time. All your games, podcasts, songs and websites are there with you at all times.
Con: You are simply given too many options to piss away time. It can be overwhelming. And this leads to my next point...

Pro: It's so freaking easy to access anything you need, like recipes, email, news, etc. etc.
Con: I've found that it's been difficult to read actual books (or comics!( since I've got my iPhone.

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