Sunday, April 3, 2011

Strange things afoot in the Sephora naming department

I'm still flush with strange discoveries from my recent foray into Sephora with Dianna.
At right are some pics of fingernail polish. Where to even begin? Apparently they have moved beyond actually trying to name their products after the color they represent - they probably stopped doing that 20 years ago but I never noticed.
So you see names like "Arm Candy," "Techno Girl" and "What a Broad." But then they also start to get weirdly personal, like "Iris I was thinner," which is... I dunno... kind of sick.
Oh, and the last pic is of a $35 brush mad of goat hair. Because nothing says sexy girl like goat. That is all.


Ira said...

To put things in perspective . . . just as you don't understand what goes on in sephora, we don't understand why any human being (read: man) would willingly discuss weight issues (see one of your previous posts. props on that, btw). better to stay out of the goat-hair emporium, unless you actually need a $48 blush brush. although, let's face it -- who doesn't? ;)

Jonathan Rubin said...

This sounds like another "Mars vs. Venus" impasse.

shesthesheriff said...

I think it should be a rule that if your blog has more than one post about sephora, you get to be in the next Rebecca Black video.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Dude, it's not my fault it's a bloggers goldmine. I **dare** you to go in the one in the Prov Place mall and not get two blog entries outta it.

shesthesheriff said...

OK so I stopped into Sephora today--here's how it went.

Sephora employee: Can I help you sir?

Me: Hair of the goat that bit me.

Sephora E: I'm calling security.