Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Slice, slice baby

It was a fucking kitchen utensil that did me in. One that I've used correctly many times. It's called a mandolin, which stupidly has the same name as a kind of guitar - another thing I don't know how to use properly.

At right is a picture of someone using a mandoline INCORRECTLY. This is, in fact, the way I used it on Monday, when I was slicing potatoes for an egg fritatta.

I've used it many times correctly in the past, which is to say with a tool that separates you from the one-molecule thin razor sharp blade that apparently has a thirst for fingers. I left this guard behind because.. wait for it... that's the way they used it on Top Chef. Apparently, they are professionals or something.

I sliced off the tip of one finger, and a deep nick off the other. It took 3 stitches to stabilize. My only saving grace was that the ER doctor told me they had 5 mandoline injuries in the past week. This made me feel better, whether it was true or not. Anyway, these injuries are so common that people post them to Flickr.

Here's how you did in my injury poll:

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