Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Everyone should copy the Federal government's leave policy

About twice a year I will get an email like this, always from someone I don't know:

Janine Tyler (Note: not her real name), one of our colleagues, just gave birth to a daughter on February 22d. She has only worked for the government since September and has not accrued sufficient leave to cover the recovery period. She only plans to be out on maternity leave for six weeks. Janine has been placed in the GSA Voluntary Leave Transfer Program. We are seeking individuals willing to donate any amount of annual leave. Individuals wishing to participate can access the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program through GSA Insite. Janine sends her since appreciation and thanks you for your donation.

That's right. If you have annual leave / vacation time that you haven't used (and government employees can roll over a certain amount of unused time from year to year) you can donate it to someone needy, no questions asked. This sounds like something left over from a union deal, and I think it's pretty cool.


shesthesheriff said...

Can we write an 80's rock anthem/power ballad about the GSA's rollover/donate sick days policy?

And when you were raising your young onces babay----

I said I'd be there--id give you my vacay TIIIIIMMEEEEE

Ohhh oooooh ooooHH! baby

shesthesheriff said...

You made it easy,

said you made it easy for me to donate Mahhh Tiiiiiieeeeeeme

Yeah yeah yeah

(Jump and High Five)

(you got the stuff)

Jonathan Rubin said...

Like :)