Sunday, February 27, 2011

Robots that will freak you out

Someone famous (I couldn't find the source) once said that the strongest force in the universe is exponential growth. And, what's more, that humans aren't designed to think exponentially. We think linearly - 2x2x2, and not 2-squared, then cubed, etc. What all this means is just that when change accelerates, it can catch you off guard.

So, if you haven't been following robotics, this video will certainly catch you off guard (here's some background). And what's more more, check out this story about the Pentagon's DARPA program creating a robot cheetah that can catch human prey. Hmmm... seems seriously close to the Transformer Ravage.

So people talking about robots while playing Zork in their parent's basements are finally coming into the limelight. Expect to see much more of this in your lifetime.


shesthesheriff said...

Interesting if you apply that exponential thought concept to artistic pursuits. Say for example you are a visual artist, the evolution of technology over the past hundred years gives you unlimited options for how to present your vision. Yet even the best artists usually excel in one or only a few small areas of the realm that could be considered part of the mainstream.

I guess what this shows/proves? is that the existence of something alongside something we already understand does not guarantee total comprehension/utilization.

You take even a simple thing like a car--yeah its technological progress and we 'understand' it, and it has lots of benefits and most people couldn't live without one, but driving one is in a way a major interruption of human experience. You're isolated for one, you're traveling distances that thousands of years of instincts tell you are impossible to cover in the time it takes you to do so. Maybe its the exercise you get, but I think there's a deeper reason that you feel better after walking/biking to work/the store instead of driving.

Ya-this robo-cheetah stuff is kind of absurd sounds like boston dyno-laser-corporation or whatever is being run by someone with a very tiny penis and is being told what to do by someone who works at the pentagon who has an even tinier penis.

shesthesheriff said...

Err sorry that was kind of rambling/nonsensical.

Does this sound to anyone else like a paranoid fantasy come true? A lot of conspiracy theory people I've talked to are convinced that governments will use robots to wage war on their own people in the future in the event of a popular uprising. Probably wouldn't happen in the US b/c we are lazy shits but what a morbid thought of Ghadafi unleashing like hundreds of robo cheetahs on crowds of protesters.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Yow... both posts were equally scary... for totally different reasons :)

Anonymous said...

LoL @Jonathan