Monday, February 14, 2011

Nordstrom would love to hear your complaint... as long as it's 250 characters or less

OK, I admit I'm going through a Nordstrom bitch session right now, but I believe it's deserved for two reasons:

1. Snooty salespeople
We were going coat shopping at the Nordstrom at the Pentagon City mall. A 6-foot-2 waif blond stepped out from behind a piece of tinsel and asked if she could help us. I didn't know what my coat size was when she asked, so I guess it would be similar to my shirt size, so I said a 32.
"That does not exist," she said with a look of disdain, followed by an almost imperceptible smile undoubtedly brought on by my embarrassment.
"What size are your trousers?" she demanded.
"Thirty-two," I replied, still mortified by her behavior. She pointed out some coats and thawed a bit, but the damage was done. We didn't want to give her the commission, so we left for Macy's.

2. Their website doesn't give a fuck about you
So I was feeling all angry and empowered, and decided to lodge a complaint on the Nordstrom sit. I have never seen a corporate website that cared less about their customers than After navigating through the maze of menus to find their contact information, I noticed there was no option for complaints. I didn't want to live chat with someone, I wanted to send an angry email and get on with my life. But there was no avenue.

I eventually started typing my message into a "product question" site, when randomly the "complaint" link appeared on the side of my screen. Great, I thought. I clicked it and typed in my message. It was rejected because their message window only accepts a MAXIMUM of 250 CHARACTERS.

250 characters? That's less than two Tweets!!! You really expect people to be able to describe a problem in 1.5 sentences? Unbelievable. It gives me indigestion just thinking about it.....

UPDATE: I emailed Nordstrom's customer service on issue #1 and received the following response. I must admit I'm impressed that they named the offending salesperson (I didn't catch her name, so they must have researched it):
Please accept my sincerest apologies for disappointing you recently in our Men’s Clothing department when trying to purchase a coat. I’m so very sorry to hear that you had a poor service experience with XXXX, one of our salespeople in the department. This certainly is not our intention.
Please know that I have shared your comments with XXXXX, our Men’s Clothing department manager, and I have taken this opportunity to coach Agnese on the importance of servicing our customers. Thank you for affording us the opportunity to improve our level of service.
Again, our apologies for the service you encountered. We appreciate your feedback and hope that upon your next visit to our store, you will find that our level of service has improved.
Carla Carter-Brown


shesthesheriff said...

I think your problem was with this saleslady and not Nordstrom. I would go back there and tell her to prepare for a pride obliterating bitch slap.

Zeyev said...

"Ale"? Yes, I know what you meant to say. :-)

I found the Nordstrom in Seattle to be superb. The ones elsewhere, not so much. Macy*s Herald Square, fantastic. The Macy*s in this area even before they went bankrupt and starting to use the name on everything, not so good.

I'm not sure why there is so great a difference in customer service between the flagship and the new stores, but my limited experience suggests that's what goes on.

Anonymous said...

Nice job not XXXing out the name entirely... Agense? FAIL.

Anonymous said...

paid $185 for a pair of jeans, took extra special care of them, but still wearing out it knees, just over a year old. If it were me being too hard on them, then I'd have this problem with all my jeans, which I don't. All my jeans in the past have lasted years. When asked Nordstrom what life expectancy is of jeans, they say 6 months. Paid $40 to have professionals at Nordstrom sew patches on inside of the jeans but you can TOTALLY see the patches. I paid $40 to ruin my jeans. So far customer service has been completely unresponsive. am I in the wrong? Rebecca

m bieser said...

Okay very very angry with you Nordstrom. There are many people with children who shop @ your stores daily. People who support TRADITIONAL FAMILY VALUES.... Putting up signs about how you support gay lesbian rights transgender marriage etc. Sickens me. I love all people.but I do not have to respect their values.. However, I do not push down your throat my values with signs etc... . I don't expect to go into your store and hear about this... Very angry to see signs posted about this today....Ready to cancel my card with you..ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Anonymous said...

Associates have no say,or the owners of Nordstrom, assistant store manager,and corporate either, only THE STORE MANAGER, RIGHT OR WRONG according to all the above! I was told by an associate over and over again after store closing take home this Burberry purse ($1,095), and if you don't like it no problem returning it, bring it back. Guess what Nordstrom has False Advertising; "ACCOMMODATION LIMITED" is what been what I have been told! I cannot believe how each and every person was so rude about this return starting a few days after the purchase of this purse What would you do??? I have been a devoted customer for the past 20 years, and I am terribly disappointed in Nordstrom Quality Care they used to give.

Anonymous said...

M Bieser,

Get a fucking life. I am gay and I will ram my rod down your throat along with may fucking values.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

I worked for Carla Carter Brown when she managed the Charlotte NC Nordstrom.
She does not put up with nonsense, even with managers. That sales person probably was written up, and might not have a job anymore. Sounds like a poor sales person.