Friday, February 25, 2011

If you don't look rich, the sommelier will give you a shitty pour

Dianna and went to a wine tasting event tonight at Dean & Deluca in DC's ritzy Georgetown neighborhood. The sales pitch was "25 wines for $25." We both came from work - Dianna has dressed up jeans and I had a shirt and tie and my pea coat. Apparently, however, we didn't look rich enough, because we received pours that were anywhere from 50% to 75% smaller than the other attendees.

I'm serious. Our pours were barely enough to cover the bottom of our glasses, while the Baron von Moneybags with their designer purses and nosejobs got glasses that were more than 1/3 full. It happened so many times that both Dianna and I noticed it more than 5 times each before mentioning to each other.

And it wasn't even a tipping event so it wasn't like we were being cheap or anything. Both sommeliers cheaped on us over the course of the eight thimblefuls we received. I'm not sure if anyone knows the way out of this predicament, but I'd love to hear it.

And we even bought a bottle of wine, like chumps.

UPDATE: They refunded our money :)


shesthesheriff said...

I have noticed that many of your blogs of late have been about receiving crappy service.

Anyway here are some one liners that you may find helpful next time you're in one of these situations--

1) 'How'd you like it if I went to yo mammas house and poured Arizona iced tea in yo mammas glass like that? I don't think that you would approve of that at all kind sir/madam so how about a little more wine please mother @#@#$er.

2) I am an international wine magazine president/ninja conducting a nationwide survey on regional pouring techniques--no pressure, but please demonstrate each of the following pouring techniques to the best of your ability. (list pouring techniques)

3) M@#$#fuc@a I will kill yo ass where you stand if this glass aint full in exactly 10 seconds. (hold out glass)

4) Is this glass half full or half empty (point to concealed gun/sword)

5) Something with sommelier/somalia, i dont know im out of gas

shesthesheriff said...

Oh I thought of another one---axe him to fill up my cup, Mozol Tov.