Thursday, January 6, 2011

An idea for Detroit

What to do with Detroit? The once great city now has been so depopulated that there are abandoned townships inside it.

Some people have proposed shrinking the city limits, or demolishing huge swathes of land.

But I have a better idea: Why not use the whole city as a set for dystopian movies, which are certainly the rage right now.

Zombie hometown? Check

Post-nuclear wasteland? Check

Post-virus decimation of all life? Check.

Speaking of which - Hollywood, where's my check?


shesthesheriff said...

Ever seen Robocop?

Zeyev said...

The latest episode of Detroit 187 discussed the concept of urban exploring. Disaffected youth spelunking through or living in abandoned buildings. You can watch it on ABC's website.

In fact, much of the show discusses the glory that WAS Detroit. Sad.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Is that show good? Never heard of it....

shesthesheriff said...

Still doesn't sound as cool as robocop

Zeyev said...

OK, you two, nothing could be as cool as Robocop.

What I like about the TV show is that it's not the science of the chase. I love that aspect about the CSI's but enough's enough. It has some preaching about the downfall of Detroit but not as much preaching as SVU. It shows detectives trying to figure out how things happened and who's lying. We are now beginning to learn more about the detectives.

If you like cop shows, I would recommend that you at least take an occasional glance.