Wednesday, December 1, 2010

"You are all that stands between me and my boob job"

"You are all that stands between me and my boob job"

That's an actual line from BridalPlasty, a show as brilliant as it is abhorrent.
The premise: A bunch of skinny bitches compete for tummy tucks, boob jobs, lipo and botox. A few plus size ladies are also there, although they are in the serious minority. After their challenges, they go to "injection parties."
They talk about how their dozen or so plastic surgery procedures will change their lives, make their spouse happy, etc. They are the most loathsome people you've ever seen, and they don't seem to be acting at all.
Like "I want to marry a millionaire" and other Fox garbage, the show is extremely watchable. One brilliant subtext of the show - while they talk 99% of the time about how the women are competing for body mods, they occasionally mention that there is another small prize for the winner - a free fucking WEDDING. Dress, reception, the whole deal. This is huge - the $50,000 unstated prize is worth a lot of humiliation, and a lot of contestants will join even the most ridiculous show for a chance to escape debt. So contestants are in constant supply, and subject to ample ridicule from Dianna and myself.


Ira said...

get thee to a netflix subscription

Pam said...

This sounds AWFUL. I can't wait to watch it!!

shesthesheriff said...

This is even weirder than my 'win a chance to give Stevie Wonder his bath' show idea.