Friday, December 3, 2010

Where gay bashing is alive and well

I watched the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" congressional hearing during lunch yesterday, and really enjoyed the parts that I saw. I missed McCain, but saw Lieberman, a Midwestern former-military elected official, Def. Sec. Gates and others speak intelligently and reasonably about the issue. Based on what I saw, no one had put out any convincing counterarguments about DADT, or few opposing arguments at all.
The news the next day showed the more complete picture - apparently the Marines are really against it, and some other groups as well, although there is still apparently more in favor of pro than there con.
That's not the most interesting part, however. I was lulled by the broadcast how civil and thoughtful people were on this issue. I almost was convinced that, finally, people will stop being babies / homophobes and allow people who want to risk their lives in defending in our country to do so.
But then I read the Fox comment pages (scroll down and click "Comments") and saw all the bigots. That make my puppy sad.

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shesthesheriff said...

I really miss the days before the internet when these people who comment on fox news posts were just village idiot types who could be duly ostracized and ridiculed. They've multiplied!!!! Wait, I mean, They've ADAPTED!!! (reaching for my phaser)