Tuesday, December 7, 2010

This Jew says: Bring on the Christmas trees

When I worked in the Rhode Island Jewish community, I pretty much only saw Jews day in and day out. And when Christmas came around, it was pretty much Christmas everywhere except in my office. So Christmas decor - the pine trees, the winter, the red and white and green everything - was this "other thing." Back then, I preferred to have no holiday decorations, or the non-denominational "holiday party," in any public spaces.

Now, I'm older, and I've chilled out. When you work in the "regular" America, people really love Christmas.

Like, really love it.

It's more than just a holiday, it's really a season. And while covering things in tinsel, the scent of pine needles, and garish reindeer sweaters may seem very odd to me, they bring other people tons of joy.

Dianna dutifully reminds me that she's also taught me quite a good deal about the nice things about Christmas. We have a tree in our apartment that has ornaments that are family heirlooms, and her mom even bought me a few Jew-ornaments, which are pleasing to the eye.

Our office recently moved into a much less wealthy neighborhood, and my boss noted the lack of Christmas decorations anyone near the metro or in the office. I can see the excitement that this transformation would bring her, and I think, "You know what, if it makes other people happy I really don't care what they put up. Go for it."


shesthesheriff said...

You know, christmas is pretty metal, you find a living tree and chop it down and put it in your living room. then you dress it up and your whole family just sits around staring at this rotting corpse in your living room.

I got that whole paragraph from metalocalypse because I couldn't think of anything original to say.

Zeyev said...

I adore Christmas decorations in private homes, in commercial areas, and on and on. I happen to feel that the American Constitution suggests that we should NOT have such things in areas that are government funded.

So, do I really enjoy my running-club's annual Christmas party? Yes. Do I think they need to call it a "holiday" party? Not in the least. Do I like the decorations on K Street NW that are funded by a business-development organization? Yes and I wish they were more festive.

Do I, on the other hand, think that our office or any other government office should have displays subsidized by taxpayers funds? Nope. Not at all.