Monday, December 13, 2010

Good reasons for girls to hate shopping (via guest blogger Dianna)

Rubin on Wry, while ruled ruthlessly by yours truly, still enjoys giving the podium to worthy souls with a worthy message that has import to my vast and varied audience. Here, then, is a piece by my awesome girlfriend on shopping. - Ed.

Let me start off by saying that I hate shopping, independent of my apparent invisibility. I'm cheap, hate crowds and am indecisive when it comes down to two almost identical items but one is slightly pinker than the other. Can't deal with it. If I'm out shopping it means one of two things: I really, really need something. Or I am buying something for someone else. And when I actually summon the energy to hit the mall, it means that I'm a woman on a mission. I know what I want to buy, and I know that I have the funds to buy whatever it is.

So, it really grills my cheese when salespeople ignore me. No, I'm not a high roller who is going to drop $30,000 on a single item. But I'm still spending cash! I get that I look young. I get carded pretty much every time I go out. A lot of people at work think I'm fresh out of college (I've stopped correcting them because it's not worth the battle). And, no, I don't expect salespeople to fall over themselves to help me. But it would be nice if I ask a question, if they help me.

Last week, I went to my guiltiest pleasure: Sephora. Now, I never really NEED anything at Sephora. It's more like an "ohhh, shiny!" moment for me where I am blinded by the sparkly things that promise to cleanse my skin, depuff my eyes or make me look like Reese Witherspoon. When I approached the Philosophy display, I knew the three things that I wanted to buy. Naturally, these are the things on the high shelves that I can't reach. So it takes me a few minutes to see what I want and grab at it. During this time a salesperson came over to help another customer, who wanted to try a free sample of something. Please note that she wanted a FREE FLIPPIN' SAMPLE, and I was picking up things for purchase. The salesperson opened up the giant drawer below the display and fiddled with it for about 10 minutes, blocking me from picking up the things I wanted. When I finally said "Can I just grab one thing?," the salesperson looked me up and down and said "I'm helping a customer." Uh, I'm a customer too. Plus, she gave me "the look." It's basically a sigh, combined with an eye roll combined with a sort of glance off to the side. Then the trudge along to find whatever product I want. Service with a smile, it is not.

I don't know their reasoning in particular, but I assume, I think fairly correctly, that it's because I look young and they assume I have no cash to blow. There was a time when I was younger and would buy a bunch of things just to prove them wrong (obviously this only helped them, rewarded them for bad behavior and left me with a bunch of stuff I never actually even wanted. Way to show 'em, Dianna.)

The really ironic thing is that this is probably some sort of karmic retribution. When I was 16, I had a job at an awful perfume store. I worked on commission, so whenever someone was wasting my time and smelling samples of items they'd never even buy, I'd get snippy and try to ditch them. And yes, when fellow 16-year-olds came up to me to ask for help, I was less than friendly. So payback is clearly a bitch.

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shesthesheriff said...

Aren't all women mean and mistrustful towards each other in traditionally male dominated fields such as commerce?

Best bet is to bring Rubin with you to Sephora--he'll ask the tough questions, such as:

I saw this blouse online for cheaper, and according to this months Vogue, this type of sweater has been 'out' for 2 seasons.

and you'll probably end up getting a 20 percent discount...or a 500 percent price increase.