Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dianna's Super Power

It's not fair. I've read thousands of comics, know the real names, powers, and various aliases of hundreds of fictional characters, and yet Dianna is the one that ends up with a super power.

I didn't believe her at first. I went with her to department stores to see if she was actually "invisible" to the sales staff. They immediately said hello to us when we walked in, and offered to help us (and her) find anything. So I discounted it.

However, I am a poor scientist, and my presence was affecting the experiment. You see, when we walk in as a couple, they recognize that we are in a relationship and therefore might be worth catering too.

But when Dianna shops solo, one of her greatest assets - her beautiful youthful looks - works against her. Shopkeeps think she is about 16 years old, and therefore has no disposable income to spend on clothes, perfume, anything. So they avoid her. If she asks them for things, they will give her minimum service, then flee. If Dianna is in front of a display, they will rudely push or nudge her aside, as if she's a blockage rather than a customer.

This sucks obviously on many levels, but the worst is that this superpower never manifests itself when I'm around. I would LOVE to lay into these people, but their shitty behavior flees into the shadows when I'm around, like.... say....Mobius the Living Vampire flees from holy water.

Sike! That was a trick answer! Mobius the Living Vampire is not actually affected by holy water or most vampire weaknesses.


Ilan Goodman said...

One: It's spelled psyche. It's also pronounced Fudge-cicle.

Two: Is it possible that it is in fact YOU who has the superpower? The ability to make sales staff bend to your (and your companion's) will by offering you full service.

Anonymous said...

How did you meet Dianna?