Thursday, November 18, 2010

When recycling is just too much work

I consider recycling to be an important 21st century value, just as a sensible use of resources has been for millennia.
However, there is a certain point where the effort exceeds the benefits. Yes, I might carry a can of soda for a while looking for a recycling bin, but at a certain point I realize it's just ridiculous and, reluctantly, I'll throw it away.
It makes sense mathematically - recycling (in theory, anyway) saves energy. But what if you expend more energy trying to recycle something than you gain by actually recycling it? Remember, food is energy, as are the calories you burn searching, walking, driving or even Googling for the right place to recycle something.
So, after 4 month of on-again-off-again searching for a nearby place to recycle these batteries above, and not finding anything closer than a Radio Shack on the SE side of DC in where I could recycle them, I threw those muthafuckas out today.

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shesthesheriff said...

I switched to rechargable batteries a while ago. they are cool...they also have batteries that you can charge in your USB port.