Monday, November 15, 2010

Paranormal State of Bad TV

It's fortunate when you share a passion with the person that you love. With Dianna and I, it's goofing on Paranormal State. This is a show on A+E about 20-year-old ghost chasers, who help "clients" who have ghost problems.

The cheap tricks they use are ripe for satire - instead of actually filming anything supernatural, they will rely on the most objective measurement of all of ghost activity - saying that you felt someone touch you. Or that you heard a noise, which may or may have bee made by the 6 ghost hunter traipsing through your house in total darkness.

They choose to commune with spirits at 3 a.m. for some reason, a time they dramatically call "Dead Time." Rather than try and communicate with the ghosts in a rational way, they do it sensationalistic-style for the camera. "Show us your presence by making a noise." Oooh... spooky. And, as Dianna deftly noted, for some reason they always leave the short cute girl to stand guard for ghosts in the bathroom.

Whatever, that's not the point of this post. Here is it:

1. If you were illiterate and came back as a ghost, could you use a Ouija board? What if you didn't speak English?

2. On the show they always use Christian rituals to dispel the demons / ghosts, especially if someone claims to be possessed. If you weren't Christian, would you let someone use that ritual to dispel ghosts from your house? And if it worked, wouldn't you have to convert?

3. Also on the topic of possession, I think this is actually something that could be real, but not in the literal sense. It's well known that you can do almost anything to your body via psychosomatic response. So if you think you are possessed via an overactive imagination, or mental illness, maybe a priest is exactly the BEST thing to bust through your illusion. This sort of makes sense when you think of the incredible drama and intensity of an exorcism - that's enough to scare the fake mojo out of anyone. So maybe priests were the first psychologists.... or maybe that's a stretch.

Anyway, Paranormal State sucks. Stick to Poltergeist, the first Paranormal Activity, the Exorcist and the Real Ghostbusters for all your ghostly needs.


shesthesheriff said...

You may be onto something here--if America moves too far to the right, and becomes more ultra crazy christian, I can picture a fox news host giving speeches about radical muslim ghosts possessing people and causing them to commit foul acts. Flush a cherry bomb down your schools john? You are possessed by Bin Laden.

Hey you know what I was thinking-remember 'hero's quest'. that was a fun game.

Jonathan Rubin said...

Wow.... you might be onto something here....