Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hey Fort Myer, shut the hell up!

I have lived in peace with Fort Meyer for the last two years. This small but important base plays a vital role in housing and training soldiers for Arlington National Cemetery, including the famed Honor Guards for the Tomb of the Unknown Solider.

The relationship has been a good one... until now. You see, living near Arlington Cemetery and the Iwo Jima Memorial, I hear the sounds of military parades, 21-gun salutes at military funerals, even taps at 11 p.m. every night, the bugle notes floating softly through the trees just behind my house as I climb into bed.

But now they've gone too far with their 6 a.m. wakeup Reveille blasted over the P.A. system for the entire apartment complex to hear. Seriously, guys? They've been doing it sans amplifier for years now, and the troops seemed to be getting up on time as far as I can tell. So why now? Because of daylight savings? Because they banned Four Loco and the troops are tired?

Come on, guys - if your job is to protect civilians, then protect us from jarring military wakeups, ok?

UPDATE: I got a call from a woman named MaryAnn who apologized, told me they have had numerous complaints, and that they were fixing the PA system ASAP. Success!!!! And she was nice, too.


shesthesheriff said...

Your impotent rage-released at last on the helpless dead soldiers.

Can countermeasures be deployed? See how much the military brass likes being woken up by the complete george michael discography?

Jeff said...

It's coming in 10 minutes! (I hear it every morning, too.)

Jeff said...

Oh, I didn't see your update! I'm kind of sad that you shut them up... it was getting to be a tradition. (Granted it's not waking me up.)

Jonathan Rubin said...

Thanks for the comment, Jeff. Sorry to disrupt your tradition - but sleep beats tradition (and nostalgia) every time. Nice blog, BTW :)

Jeff said...

Thanks for the comment about my blog. I just sought your blog out again because it seems to be back in full force. I just heard the 11 pm one. Ugh.

Jonathan Rubin said...

I know. Call the Ft. Myer PR person. Her name is MaryAnne and her # is 7036964979. Let's keep the call volume high so we can keep the pressure on.