Saturday, October 9, 2010

Two music quiz questions

1. Who are the top five most commercially successful bands / musicians of all time? (Leave your answer in the comments section)

2. Which band was the first to offer their album on CD? (Same deal)


shesthesheriff said...

shit this has me stumped

I'm guessing we exclude all classical musicians here--last I heard Bach+Mozart aren't collecting royalties.

1. Rolling Stones

2. Paul McCartney

3. U2

4. MJ

5. Hannah Montana (my *upset* pick)

shesthesheriff said...

oh yeah and number 2.

No Idea--George Michael Lol?

Jonathan Rubin said...

1. Beatles
2. Elvis
4. MJ
5. Madonna

and the second one, the first artist to have a CD, was also ABBA in 1982. Had no clue how big these guys were / are....