Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fake-sounding org of the day

It's important to respect the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, given their important role in the Federal government and financial oversight of our economy.

Except that's not what they do at all. They're actually the world's LARGEST lobby - a pro-business special interest group.

There should be a law preventing people for creating names that can be confused with ACTUAL governmental orgs.


Zeyev said...

OK but the word "chamber" is not a commonly used governmental term in this country. How about the "Bureau of National Affairs," a publishing firm that has been confusing new documents librarians for decades with that quintessentially governmental "bureau" in its title?

That said, the public was sure that UPS was a government agency in part because the employees wore uniforms. And many people think that the Postal Service is no longer government. And a recent caller to our office merely wanted to know if the Better Business Bureau (there's that damned word again) was government.

It's confusing - and that keeps me in business. :-)

Jonathan Rubin said...

Interesting / touche...... Well played, sir.