Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your car is solar powered

Yes it is. That car that you're driving right now is 100% solar powered.

Check it: Most oil that we use comes from fossilizing organic matter. We usually say "dinosaurs" but most of it is plant and other vegetable matter from millions of years ago.

How did those plants grow? Bing - the sun.

And the dinosaurs that did become oil? They either ate plants or they ate other animals that ate plants. Two more points for the sun.

What about coal, you say? I drive a 100% electric car and don't use gas at all?

First of all - no you don't, because the Volt isn't on the market yet and you're not a dot-com millionaire.

And second of all, fuck you.


shesthesheriff said...

I think that seeing Glenn Beck in person had a strange effect on you.

Anonymous said...

yes, I agree with Shesthesherriff. This is an odd, odd blog post.


Jonathan Rubin said...

I thought of this weeks ago, you cads!

shesthesheriff said...

Hey whatever happened to that girl you covered who was running for student council president at some college in Virginia (go rebels!)

And I cant find that post, what did you do with it?

Jonathan Rubin said...

So weird.... I did a bunch of searches and I couldn't find it. Bloggers search field has a lot to be desired.... bleh.

P.S. See Machete. It rocks.