Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What the egg thing in 'Machete' means

If you saw Machete (and you should have) you were treated to a strange scene: Machete, riddled with bullets and not feeling especially chipper, is resting in a Mexican girl's apartment. She takes an egg out of the fridge, rubs it against his face and then cracks it under his bed. When he wakes up, he quickly checks on the egg under the bed, then gets his gun and heads out.

I was clueless. Was this a Mexican healing superstition? A way of telling how much time has passed?

It turns out, neither. According to a few internet sources, it's a way of avoiding the "evil eye." Apparently, in Mexican / Central American culture, the evil eye can be put on you by nasty individuals and can drain the soul and impact health, especially in babies. It's also pretty damn bad luck, like a curse.

Then, we have the egg:

"An egg is rolled across the child's body or placed beneath the bed and then cracked open. If it is "hard" or "looks like an eye" then the evil eye has caused the child's illness."

Also, we have this one:

"The traditional cure for the Evil Eye often involves a "curandero"(Spanish) or "spiritual healer"(English), sweeping a raw chicken egg over the body of the victim while chanting or praying to absorb the power of the person with Evil Eye. The egg is then broken into a bowl or glass of water and examined by the curandero. The curandero looks for eyes on the surface of the water and counts how many there are. The number of eyes on the surface determines the number of people that passed Evil Eye."


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CuriousBookWorm said...

Oh! I get it! Thanks for the help!

joshnz said...

Was lucky enough to see Machete last night and woke up wondering about the egg thing. Thanks for your research!

Aaunel said...

This bugged me for ages, glad I looked it up, great explanation! :) ... I've seen this a few times in film, but the scene in Machete led me to look it up.

Anonymous said...

I think this shit bogus