Monday, September 6, 2010

Sweet (Potato) Beginnings - The Nebbishy Jewish Gardener: Part 2

It all began, as it frequently does, with a potato.

People who (a) read this blog and (b) have Total Recall will recall two of my posts from last year about the Sweet Potato of Hope. Here is where my birth as a gardener can be traced.

There was or feat of skill or brilliance that yielded this sprouting spud - more like two months of neglect atop our fridge.

But the Force was strong in this one, and it branches out from its humble confines to seek nourishment from the sun.

As I've said before, I was very moved by this potatoed growth. Its lust for life was tangible. And so I thought - if I can grow something beautiful by accident, imagine what I could do on purpose!
I didn't need to be some old woman with a sunhat. Or a smelly hippie with a co-op. I didn't have to turn a parking lot into an organic garden, or create a green roof. I could start small. I could fail. And I could learn new things. And while this sweet potato did not live to see its progeny, and neither did its replacement, their hope lives on with me.

And, judgeing by my writing, so does their sap.

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