Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hey Jon, you look fat!

I was so very happy to hear a wonderful comment about my weight this week. Seeing someone I hadn't seen in four years or so, their first words to me:

"Hi Jon. Well, you've certainly gained some weight, haven't you?"

I'm sure most people hate to hear this, but I was elated. Because this wonderfully tactless fellow Jew knew me only during my very, very, very stressful years at my former job as newspaper editor. During that time, I rarely slept or ate, and felt frail and weak. And apparently I looked it as well.

At left is a 2006 picture of me, during the end of my tenure. It's better than some of the others... It's very odd - I spent so much time at work during that period most of the pictures I have of myself are taken at work. That's normal, right?

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shesthesheriff said...

Step right up and join the great portly Americans club. TR, I'm Basil, John Candy....

I have some pictures of you at one of our semi successful pinata/soccer shirt parties.

And I do notice that you always have the same expression in all your photos. This may be why you have failed to attract dangerous friends/women--see, if people see you smiling, they gon think you soft! I can teach you the Leonard frown/scowl if you like, but it takes years to perfect and if you don't maintain a practice schedule that I deem satisfactory I will feed you to my condors.