Monday, August 23, 2010

This soap blasphemes against our Lord

Oh my stars and garters... I have never seen the like. Just look at this here soap. LOOK IT. Look at how it takes the Lord's name in vain. Look at the blasphemy. It boasts. It is vain. It claims to be like our dear, sweet Lord.


Can't see what I'm talking about?


Fine, I'll use Pictureviewer to make their true message more clear.

NOW do you see? The Allmighty... scorned on a plastic bottle filled with suds.

Land O'Goshen.....


Dianna said...

Har har har. / ba dum cha

Ilan Goodman said...

That's how Jeebuz and Jewish God get their whites-white.

Dianna said...

Don't be silly, Ilan. We all know that Jewish God makes Jeebuz do the laundry.

shesthesheriff said...

Love it-what can we call our little militia here? Rubin's Rectors? Rubins ?

Rubins Boobins?

Let us pray.