Friday, August 6, 2010

Real scholarship on The Real Ghostbusters

Remember that show? They had to call it "The Real Ghostbusters" because this stupid cartoon show about a big ape snuck through a copyright loophope and made a show called "Ghostbusters" which sucked so hard it imploded upon itself after a few episodes.
Anyway, the show was amazing for the time - it was fun, funny and had an amazing array of villians. But little did I know that they occasionally did pretty elaborate tribute episodes.
Like this one about H.P. Lovecraft, brilliantly titled "The Collect Call of Cathulu" (mocking Lovecraft's "Call of Cthulu.")
You go, Ghostbusters!
Accurate source material includes:
  • Cthulu cultists
  • Regenerating beasties
  • Ry'lethian chanting
  • The Necronomicon
  • Miskatonic University

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shesthesheriff said...

Damn girl! Usually at this particular time and place I would use a phrase like 'that's tight, yo' to express my approval.

Wasn't slimer friendly in this show, and one of the gang?

They should make Ghostbusters 3 but have Bill Murray act like he does in Broken Flowers, totally morose and removed while walking around with a proton accelerator on his back.

He can be the last remaining ghostbuster, and he'll never actually find any ghosts (except for the ghosts of his subconcious of course), he'll just walk into coffee shops. And seduce 25 year old women.