Thursday, August 19, 2010

Neck wax America

I expected a little more out of the neck waxing experience. Maybe more pain (a la Steve Carell), or a least more visible hair on the wax putty thing. Don't get me wrong - I appreciated Dianna ripping hair off the back of my head. It gets gross fast over there. A veritable forest, as Adam Sandler once said. D did an A+ job.

My neck hair has been an issue for some time. In college I once asked my roommate if he would do a big, big, big favor for me.

"Like huge," I said.

I'm sure he thought I was talking about something in the range of being a marrow donor, but in actually I was just nervous about asking another guy to shave my neck.
He did, and it was no biggie.

But I didn't know the "neck hair" etiquette, in those days largely before a decent internet. But then I saw "Bros shaving bros' necks" on Jersey Shore, and realized this sort of thing is actually acceptable in some circles. Maybe the ancient Greeks shaved each other before battle? Or maybe it's a sign of respect in Aboriginal cultures? Who knows what secrets lie in the backs of necks?


shesthesheriff said...

Why stop at your neck? Maybe wax the guns too--let those bad boys breathe the open air!

Pam said...

Great post! Who knew Jersey Shore had so much to offer?