Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why was I under the impression that 'The Outsiders' was a masterpiece of American fiction?

Don't get me wrong - I liked "The Outsiders." It's like a time capsule - a 1967 story about growing up as a street tough in the 1960's. People have been telling me about this story for decades. "Have you read The Outsiders?" or "This is just like The Outsiders."

But, in the end, it's sort of like a Romeo and Juliet story, except without love interests, and more leather jackets and switchblades. The dialogue isn't too spectacular. While the prose is entertaining, and even compelling and visual, it doesn't really resonate like I would have imaged.

In any case, there were lots of things I liked, now that I'm done bitching. I like looking at "Greasers" who have more depth than a singing John Travolta. I like their "rumbles," and the way they call guns "heaters." I like how they all have broken homes, and they get in fights with violent preppies, who they call Soces (short for Socialites, pretty much). They do wear lots of grease in their hair, but they don't spend all day preening. Once once, a story about the past doesn't evoke a more simple time, which is refreshing.

Maybe the movie is different - have you seen it?


shesthesheriff said...

R--Rough and tumble journalist from the streets of the motor city

U--The underbelly that spawned the take no shit-hand grenade eating, god fearing, lady loving...

B--Bringin home the bacon

I--Intertwining conspiracy theories.

N--Never say never (again, baby)

On Wry.

Sorry, having never seen this seemingly shitty movie I have little to contribute.

It sounds like it sucks though--its seemingly shitty. Thats why I said that.

sheisfinallywriting said...

The book and movie are similarly mediocre. The upside to the movie - for me - is that it had lots of eye candy:

- C. Thomas Howell
- Tom Cruise
- Patrick Swayze
- Matt Dillon
- Rob Lowe (YUM)
*note, this is when they were young and handsome... not so much now for those who are alive...with the exception of Mr. Lowe.

And I'm not 100% sure that I agree with you that the "love interest" wasn't in the book. I think Ponyboy secretly loved Johnny.