Thursday, July 22, 2010

4 Quick things

1. Cthulhu was found. In Canada.

2. According to On Point with Tom Ashbrook, the reason why Mel Gibson is panting and apparently hyperventilating in his threatening call is that he's most likely having a panic attack. But that's not the interesting thing. One method of overcoming panic attacks is.... rage, because it regulates breathing and certain chemicals in the brain. So anxiety can cause violent aggression.

3. According to Reason, all the people who scrubbed rocks from the Exxon Valdez oil spill were actually doing harm, since the microbes on the rocks actually can break down oil over time.

4. Finally, a New York Times op-ed actually gives partial creedance to the rantings of Tea Partiers, which is that elite college do discriminate against whites - poor, rural whites, to be exact. Some Princeton research has shown that putting you were involve in agricultural (i.e. farming) or religious activities in southern areas of the U.S. will make you less likely to get into elite schools. One possible reason - they assume that if you're into farming you're less likely to be an aggressive student or intellectual. Poor blacks, on the other hand, were more desirable.

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