Saturday, June 19, 2010

Who hates who - the 2010 edition

Future generations will always have difficulty in understanding past events, especially nuanced stuff like attitudes and relationships between folk. So, to help, here my helpful list.

In June, 2010:

  • The U.S. hates the ref who made bullshit calls against us in the World Cup U.S.-Slovenia match
  • The U.S. hates soccer less
  • The US hates BP
  • Pelicans hate BP
  • The US hates Iran (strangely, Iranians who aren't in power love the U.S.)
  • The world hates Israel (exception: America)
  • Israel hates Hamas, Iran, Fatah, etc.
  • French government hates hijabs
  • Liberals hate guns
  • Liberals hate Fox News
  • Liberals hate the Tea Party
  • Liberals somehow hate hate
  • Conservatives hate gay marriage
  • Conservatives hate Nancy Pelosi
  • Conservatives hate "Obamacare"
  • Conservatives hate abortion
  • Jews and Arabs hate each other (still)
  • Northern U.S. "elites" and Southern "rednecks" hate each other
  • Women hate their bodies
  • Everyone hates fat people for some reason
  • Most people hate smoking
  • Smokers hate non-smokers who get in the way of their cigs
  • Older people hate younger people obsessed with their phones / Blackberries
  • Younger people hate waiting for anything more than 2 seconds
  • Everyone hates advertisements that aren't awesome / viral, pop-up ads
  • People hate PETA (too self-righteous)
  • Most people hate Jersey Shore culture but love to watch it


shesthesheriff said...

Excellent cliff notes-except the soccer/BP stuff will be forgotten within 1 earth year. Jersey Shore will live on-now and forever.

shesthesheriff said...

Perhaps a list of your own likes and dislikes? So that future races may obtain info on our time's most preeminent journalist, go back in time, tempt him with spicy ranch pringles-and then enslave him?

Jonathan Rubin said...

Actually, it's BBQ Pringles.