Thursday, June 24, 2010

Strangely enough, I love the World Cup

My disdain for sports has no bounds. It's a waste of money, time, promotes pointless tribalistic rivalries and generates ridiculous amounts of worthless merch.

And yet, I m transfixed by the World Cup matches.

I don't know if this is hypocrisy, or contradictory, or maybe early signs of dementia, but both are somehow true at the same time.

I watched the U.S-England game live under a 95 degree sun, surrounded by hundreds of rabid fans in the middle of Dupont Circle.

I watched the U.S.-Slovenia match at home by myself. I felt an incredible rage against the dipshit ref who disallowed our winning goal. I was transfixed, although watching alone certainly has a drama-diluting quality.

This week's match against Algeria happened right in the middle of my workday. I was unable to find any streaming video channels that weren't overloaded or that required registration, so I did the truly unthinkable - I listened to internet sports radio. I only have two experiences with sports radio: one is whenever I'd be driving around with Geo and some Celtics or Red Sox game would be on, and the second in when I drove to salvage a relationship with a girlfriend... during game 7 of the Red Sox-Yankees World Series (The Sox won. I lost).

But the World Cup ting still mystifies me. I don't care too much about the Olympics (correct me if I'm wrong, Dianna). I watch the Super Bowl occasionally and only for commercials. Stanley Cup is a yawn. But this global event, somehow the nationalism, the chants, the jerseys, the hero worship, the borderline fanatical obsession - I take it all in without qualms. It's like I don't recognize myself... over the sound of me shouting "USA! USA! USA!"

I honestly felt like these guys:


shesthesheriff said...

waste of time? C'mon man what are you smokin? Yeah the homer stuff can be obnoxious espec. in Boston but look at all the strategy! Like in Military Madness for Turbo Grafx 16.

Not to just be contray, I hope Ghana kicks our ass.

Jess said...

Soccer is different than anything other sport. It's more about team, less about ego and just in general awesome. Plus there's nonstop singing. I mourn the end of our World Cup run.