Monday, June 14, 2010

The most inappropriate gift I have ever received

It's a portable toilet. Like, a toilet you can fit in a backpack. You can put this thing over a garbage can and "make." And the craziest thing is, my friend Carolyn got this at a convention. It wasn't a shit convention, but it certainly came from a shitty booth.

No, I have no desire to use it. Any takers?


Anonymous said...

most inappropriate, yet the BEST, gift you've ever received! Pass it down to your children. They might need it someday in a post-apocalyptic world. Can you tell I watched "The Road" over the weekend?

shesthesheriff said...

In the book version of 'The Road' they relied heavily on these since they wanted to leave no trace of their bowel movements. The movie version left this out-as they left out the pinata full of human entrails scene and the monster truck rally. Hollywood tries to turn every thing into a drama.

Jonathan Rubin said...

I trust every word you say.