Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Would I look like an asshat with long hair?

Some of my older friends will recall my experiment with a goatee in college.
The result?
The nickname "Rabbi Rubin." Nuff said.
But I've never really tried to go long on top. And since I'm a few weeks overdue for a haircut, maybe I should just suck it up and try and grow this thing out.
How would it look? I certainly don't want to look like a filthy Jewish hippie in a ponytail - that's not me at all. And I'll never have straight hair, either. That's OK, since it's not the 60's and I'm not 6"3 and 125 pounds, a la Marilyn Manson.
Could I handle blow drying in the winter? Dunno. And Dianna gave me the most troubling news of all - I'd sweat like a whore in church with an extra pound of hair on my head, especially in the humid D.C. summers.

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shesthesheriff said...

I think you should go for it. If it sucks you will earn lots of compliments when you cut it off. Plus you'll have very hip with your mop top for 6 months.