Saturday, May 22, 2010

Great movie / comic book title

I need to write about this before some Hollywood studio steals it.

A project about a computer programmer by day, and Punisher-style vigilante by night. He works numbers by day, and body counts by night. He has no mercy for the miserable scum he eradicates from the earth. He is:

Code Blooded™®


shesthesheriff said...

Where would be the hollywood twist. Oh man-oh shit he is so convincing that the CIA recruits him to do black ops in Iraq-like without ever seeing him. We start shooting in 3 weeks--He's about to find out!!

Jonathan Rubin said...

The Hollywood twist: He thinks he's writing in Javascript, but his platform is Drupal only.

shesthesheriff said...

Or could take the route of 'hunted down by those he wronged', and he becomes a super bad ass in order to defend his right to take anonymous potshots.