Saturday, April 10, 2010

Truly awful Lotus Notes

1. I've written about how awful my work email is before (I think) but I had to share this - observe how the Tip of the Day is more mystifying than whatever problem it's trying to fix. THAT'S why you on't know anyone who willingly uses a Lotus product.

2. Because I am occasionally a good boyfriend, I try not to put up a fuss when Dianna's wants to watch chick movies.
So I was silent during the watching of a very strange Harvey Keitel / Joshua Jackson movie called "Shadows in the Sun" a story about an editor trying to get a reclusive writer to pick up the typewriter again. I thought that Harvey Keitel was a pretty big ticket actor, but I guess I was wrong - this straight-to-DVD sap fest is dangerous to diabetics everywhere with it's molasses-level of sweetness.
The acting is laughable, all the characters seem like they can't wait to get off camera, and the production is of that fine "fourth-grade" level of quality. It's about as enjoyable as a video of your feet. Dianna agreed, and the final scene, when the heroine actually rides to save her love from a departing train on a pair of horses (!) caused epileptic fits in both of us.


shesthesheriff said...

Ha. you wrote a review of a chick flick.

shesthesheriff said...

Isn't it uncomfortable walking around with a 32 ounce gatorade bottle in your front pocket by the way?

Ed Brill said...

Notes 7 was released in 2003. The current version, 8.5.1, was part of a multi-year effort to modernize the user interface and introduce some real innovation. I understand the frustrations of the earlier versions, but if you are in a position to upgrade, you should.

Jess said...

Notes is evil, evil, evil. Ed I wish we had the option to upgrade. Only in my dreams would we have that kind of control over our work computers.

shesthesheriff said... This guy REALLY likes Lotus Notes.

Rubin you should get a Heinz sponsorship and leave slightly apologetic comments on anti processed foods websites.

'I can understand your concern about the conditions at Heinz processing facilities but.....'