Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One thing I miss about journalism - the Swanky Shit

I went with a journalist I know to a D.C. fundraiser. They were covering the event; I was covering the food and drink - sampling, if you will. And prodigiously.

Journalism doesn't have a lot of perks (which is why I left) but there are a few, and one is crashing seriously high-end events that you have no business being at.

I generally feel comfortable in any environment I find myself, and this was no exception. There were food snobs there, but if they tried to hold it over me I simply took my compliments and lavish praise to the next table.
Unlimited food and drink. Indian curries, pea soup shooters, Kobe burgers, hand-crafted chocolates, sugar-coated grapes, green tea ice cream, and more.

A delight.

Note: Some of these pictures were taken by my ace journalist buddy.

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shesthesheriff said...

You do like cocktail wieners.