Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life Lessons from Bioshock 2

While hanging in my friend's unheated apartment last weekend, I had the perverse joy of playing approximately 26 hours of Bioshock 2, the Ayn Rand-esque dystopian underwater shoot-fest.
But between the rocket-propelled spears, the micro-sized drill bits and the creepy, syringe chicks, I realized that a game mechanic was dealing with one of life's big questions regarding resource allocation.
Simply put: The game, like life, provides you with resources that you can put towards enhancing your abilities. You have the choice between putting all your points in one basket (i.e. super-powering a single weapon, like your shotgun) or spreading them through multiple fields for less spectacular, but more rounded results. Initially, I chose the more rounded while Geo chose the single-skill method. Is it a coincidence that he is a skilled musician and I am more well-rounded but less singularly achieved?
I think not.

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shesthesheriff said...

Lets not forget that it takes skilled musicians about 8 years longer to move out of their parents basements-see the FPS skills are no coincidence.