Saturday, April 24, 2010

Google's offices acually are pretty cool

It's very easy to put the awesome power of Google's brand into perspective. Think about this: What brands would you actually wear on a T-shirt? Everyone loves free corporate swag, but what brand-name merch would you actually request if you knew a friend was going to have access to it. What you say, "Hey man, make sure to get me a Toyota pen while you're at the factory." Or "Don't forget to get me a Brawny pin or something while you're over there."
That would never happen. But if you're going to Google, every promotional piece suddenly has HUGE value to all your friends. I brought back pins, pens and notebooks and they were all hotly contested. Google is so cool we can't even admit it to ourselves. They are a global force, and we see them kinda as "informational Robin Hoods."
Their offices are no exception to the unconventional rule. Here are some photos from my visit to their DC office this week. My favorite is the one of Wolf Blitzer. It's a cardboard cutout of Wolf in the Google Conference Room officially called "The Situation Room." And the icing is that Wolf is wearing a Jersey Shore's Mike "The Situation" T-shirt as well.


shesthesheriff said...

No google criticism? It really is all about the free pens for you isn't it!

Gwynne said...

Thank you for not telling the complete truth about the notebook.