Monday, March 1, 2010

Pompous Pronounciation

There are a few topics that will send me off into a predictable rant. One is the fact that there are simply too many types of pasta, and there can be no possible good use for all these types / names / categories. I think we could get by with 5 or so.
But this is not about pasta, but pronounciation.
I deplore people who use irregular prouncications of things just to sound smart. A very good workmate friend of mine is the guiltiest of all at this - he will pronounce all words in their local dialect and affectation. So Lesotho becomes "Le-soo-too" and so on.
Other guilty parties includes most foodies on TV, and most of the sins come in the form of Italian cheeses.
For instance, we have Mozzarella. A nice word. A tasty word.
Say it out loud.
Did you say it like "Motz-er-rella" or "Mohz-zah-rea-ya" (with every syllable annoyingly accented).
Or Parmesan.
We have too options:
Parm-mi-shzan / sean (well done)
Parm-mi-sahn (prepare for a beating).
I'm sorry, but I just don't have time for your linguistics lessons. I'll eat your food for you if you can't speak like a prole like the rest of us. This is seen too often on the food channels, especially Top Chef and even Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives (which I like).
P.S. Dianna says I am guilty as anyone on this one, and that I pronounce hummus in the traditional Israeli "Chu-moos." However, I'm 90% sure I normally say "Chum-muss" and only gave her the outlandish prounication to show her how native Israelis might pronounce it.
So I'm like totally innocent.


Dianna said...

You are so 100 percent lying about your pronunciation of hummus. Usually when we're at the grocery store you say, "Do we need hooo-musssss?" And then I say, "We're not buying any unless you say it like the real 'merican that you are."

I rest my case.

shesthesheriff said...

I never realized I hated these people so much.

My favorite:

When Americans pronounce basil bazzil, instead of baysil. This is extra dumb because thats how British people pronounce it, and basil isn't like some British ethnic thing.

shesthesheriff said...

Oh yeah and I got bitch slapped the other night for pronouncing Rasoi Razoy, instead of rassooey. still trying to wrap my bean around that one.

Jess said...

I'm with you on this one. Drives me bonkers too.

Daveeda Goldberg said...

I say bazzil and choomoose, and I am moved to defend myself here. I am not a Hebrew speaker, but choomoose is the way everyone I know has said it for all time -- not huh-muss, which is what would be unnatural to me. As a Canadian, I am also one degree closer to the British, and therefore entitled to say bazzil.
Canadians, in general, have more of a penchant for pronouncing things "correctly": see Alex Trebek.
As for cooks on TV, well, what would you think of a physicist that said "nook-yu-lar"?
Speaking of that, I really liked your post on Reagan.