Monday, March 15, 2010

Plane etiquette

On the plane back from Chicago, I heard a man loudly declare to the stewardess:

"Excuse me. I ordered tomato juice, but this one has ice in it. I asked for no ice."

Naturally, I felt only ill will toward this hapless nobody, and wished for the emergency exit to burst open, sucking him and his ego out into the heavens.

But perhaps I'm a bit too harsh - he did pay for the ticket after all, and in America isn't the customer always right? Then again, it's not a fucking bistro - it's a tiny metal cart with 400 people waiting in line to get their drink, as flying makes you preternaturally thirsty.

So was he a dick?


shesthesheriff said...

sounds like a dick to me. Who orders tomato juice on a plane anyway?

Dianna said...

Also, it should be noted that I got stuck sitting next to tomato-juice man, who sat for two hours and drew pictures of skulls and medieval helmets. Great flight. Great. Flight.

Melissa. said...

The dude is a douchebag. Planes make you swell. Salt makes you swell. Tomato juice is extremely salty. In addition to an overpuffed ego, this idiot also ended up with with an overpuffed body. Was he already obese?