Friday, March 19, 2010

Big spender... on hair

I had trouble with $12 haircuts.
And $15 haircuts. I looked, at least once, "shorn." Or they'd stab my head with the electric razor. But it was cheap, dammit, and I wouldn't need to get another haircut for 2 months or so.
However, I have learned, painfully, that it may be worth it to pay $25 for a haircut that actually looks good.
But quality always comes at a cost. This time, it seems I will have to DOUBLE my haircut budget.... to $25-$30 a haircut. And not only this, but since I need to get haircuts more often to avoid the "shaved sheep" look, I'll be heading back to my favorite Old-Lady-catering hairplace in Arlington very often.

1 comment:

shesthesheriff said...

Watch your back D, if there's one thing Jon can do, its work a room full of 75 year old GMILFS. Or JGMILFS. Get it?