Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Wall

Even though I'm pretty sure there's an 80% chance most Olympians must have sacrificed a bit too much of their social lives to get that good, I'm still jealous. The real crux of it is their uncanny ability to get beyond The Wall.
The Wall confounds me at every turn. I start on an endeavor (say, guitar. Or daily journal writing. Or exercising. Or studying at something really hard for a month). And then, inevitably, I will hit the wall and just stop.
Maybe I'm distracted by something else. Maybe it was a fleeting interest. Or maybe, when it gets tough as hell, I bail like sponsors from Tiger Woods.
My dad advised me not to fear the wall, or even get frustrated with it. Just to acknowledge that it's there, and when it gets difficult, to tip my hat to it and respect its brickiness.

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