Saturday, January 9, 2010


Dianna and I have a new ritual - when we go supermarket shopping, we bring a gun with us.
A scanner gun that they provide you with at Giant. You scan your club card thing and then you walk through the supermarket scanning all the items you buy and putting them in bags that you bring with you. For produce, you put them in a plastic bag, weigh it and then print out receipts at this little kiosk. It keeps a running tally of your purchases, and at the checkout line you just hand in your gun and boom - you're out with no waiting and no bagging guy. While it semi-irks me to do all the work for them at no cost, getting out earlier and not having to grow roots in the damn checkout line is quite valuable.


Dianna said...

We are officially old.

Anonymous said...

You can steal too. Just sayin'.

shesthesheriff said...

DUDE! See Patton Oswalt's bit on 'grocery store robots'. starts off slow but is heelarious.